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Transformational Career Coaching

What is transformational career coaching?

Do you deeply know that you are a complete human being, with a unique and wonderful gift to give? 


Transformational coaching improves your experience of all aspects of your life, by fundamentally shifting your understanding of who you are.


The offer of transformational coaching is to dramatically grow your inner harmony and relationship with yourself. Through a short coaching relationship, I will help you rebuild self-trust where it has been damaged. If you already have a strong baseline of trust, I will celebrate with you as your gift more fully expresses itself, and co-explore where there is potential to integrate even further with your parts. I will teach you how to continue this process by yourself.


My approach draws on Internal Family Systems, embodied presence from Circling, and honouring of your innate wholeness. It is suitable for anyone who is ready to engage more wholeheartedly in their life, whether that is at work, in relationships, or in any other aspect. If you have questions about whether this coaching is right for you, please contact me using the form below to arrange an initial conversation. 

Financial exchange

I do not charge for an initial exploratory discussion.

If we decide to work together, we will also agree a rate. I offer sessions of one hour on a sliding scale:

Abundant: £125

Standard: £90

Low income: £55

Please reach out if you want to discuss a lower rate, as I may be able to help.


If my offering is the right next step in your journey, complete the form below and I will be in touch.


I am currently travelling to communities in different parts of the world. If you would like an in-person session, you can find out where I am here. Let me know where you are - you may inspire the next step in my journey! If we are not in the same place, sessions will be on Zoom.

Jadi, Quebec

Martin, Prague

"The session left me moved and impressed. I do have a very real feeling that with just one little session you've helped me look for a new path towards harmony."

Michelle, Netherlands

"Robin has such a nurturing, safe energy, it was incredibly easy to go deep with her. I felt so held in my process and allowed to be with a wounded part of my inner child."

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