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Holistic Coaching

Unlock your potential by connecting your three centres: Body, Mind and Heart.


Hello! I'm Robin Prospect. I work with individuals who know they have something beautiful to offer the world and want a little help to fully realise their potential.

My training and experience as a coach has made me profoundly optimistic about human nature. We are born with immense capacity for love, joy, compassion, wisdom, and strength. However, our personal history, culture and circumstances give us many reasons to shut down our access to these essential qualities. We often end up living 'in our heads', feeling tense and unwell in our bodies or feeling nothing.


When the mind is in charge, life seems like a never-ending series of problems to solve. When you build a relationship with your body and your heart, you find that what you seek is already present in you. Underneath the armour you wear, your innate capacities are still there. You can learn to let them flow.

I've been on this journey, and I trained in methods that work for me. My practice combines depth psychology, trauma-informed somatic practice and spirituality. 


In coaching sessions, I use parts work (based on Internal Family Systems therapy), breathwork, bodywork (you touching you, not me touching you), focussing and presence work. This means i have the flexibility to meet you where you are, and go from there.  You can read more about the methodology and my coaching school, Aletheia, here.


Through the natural pace of unfolding, you will integrate your mind, body and heart wisdom. My aim is to teach you how to let your natural presence shine. 

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Coaching fees

I offer 60-minute Zoom sessions on two sliding scales:

Lower income: £30 to £60

Higher income: £60 to £90

You choose the amount you pay based on what you can afford.

If you live in Bristol, I offer sessions at your home for an additional £10 to cover travel time and cost.

I book sessions in blocks of 3, 6, or 12. One-off 60- or 90-minute sessions can be arranged for a higher fee.


If you are considering at least 3 sessions with me, I offer a free discovery call to see if we are a good fit for each other. I don't offer a free call for one-off sessions but I'm happy to answer questions by email.


Get to know me

10 years ago, I was a financial services barrister. I wanted something different for my life, although I didn't know what. I went to therapy, admitting my fear that I was unable to feel emotions. This started a journey of opening and unfolding into a version of myself that would completely surprise old me.


The last decade has been a journey from my head into my body and my heart. I learned how to listen to my embodied wisdom and how to cry. I discovered real connection, with others, myself and the present moment. I came alive in ways I had no idea were possible. My mind is an incredible thing, but now I know that life is better, more beautiful and true when there is balance between head, body and heart.

Along the way, I have trained in several modalities that I am passionate about. I completed an 18 month yoga teacher training with Yogacampus in 2019. In 2021 I trained as an Embodied Presence Circling facilitator with Circling Europe. After this I started to offer 1-2-1 coaching from the circling framework. A hunger for more structure in my coaching practice led me to pursue Advanced Coaching Training with Aletheia. I completed Level 2 of Aletheia's training in November 2023. 

I left the legal profession in 2020. Since then, I've committed to heart-led work. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to say that I love everything I do. In addition to coaching, I facilitate workshops and retreats. I work on my own and I collaborate with other heartful facilitators. I offer public events and I facilitate events for purposeful organisations.


I write a blog and a weekly newsletter, Meaningful Mondays, sharing what feels true and useful to me. If you'd like to receive my newsletter and hear about my public events, you can subscribe here.

I live in Bristol, UK. You'll often find me dancing contact improvisation or 5Rhythms, or walking by the River Frome. I practice non-dual meditation and am part of a Buddhist sangha following the work of the late dharma teacher Rob Burbea. My preferred pronouns are they/them or she/her.

Jadi, entrepreneur

Martin, software engineer

The coaching left me moved and impressed. I do have a very real feeling that you've helped me look for a new path towards harmony.

Michelle, expedition leader

Robin has such a nurturing, safe energy, it was incredibly easy to go deep with her. I felt so held in my process and allowed to be with a wounded part of my inner child.

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